Spin Art Bike Station Sponsorship

Looking for something a little different? Help our participants “think outside the box” and give them a mental break by sponsoring a spin art bike station within the playground. Participants hop on a bike and start pedaling to spin their canvas and slowly add paint colors from above. The result? A beautiful piece of spin art. More importantly, it’s a much-needed break from all of the learning going on!

Sponsorship Includes:

  • Sponsor logo on each spin art canvas (take away item for participants) 

  • Sponsor logo on the wheel of each bike 

  • Sponsor logo station backdrop, signage, and on the Playground map 

  • ATD will post at least two photos of the experience to the ATD National Instagram account, tagging and thanking the sponsor in the post 

  • Sponsor can provide smocks to protect attendee clothing 

Additional registrations based on a la carte investment:

  • Up to $5,000 – One full registration

  • $5,001 - $10,000 – Two full registrations

  • Over $10,000 – Three full registrations

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